Artlab is run by the Danish Musicians Union and offers courses and coaching for professional artists. Artlab develops study labs, training programmes and projects aimed at strengthening artist’s individual possibilities to take action, cooperate and develop new platforms for their art in a changing society. Artlab focuses on research, development and on achieving real results, providing a dynamic bridge between education and working life, arts and business, theory and action in an on-going dialogue with artists, organisations, cultural institutions, companies, politicians, urban communities, city councils and governments – nationally and internationally.

At DongDong you have the opportunity to meet some of Artlabs teaching-staff, who have specialized in coaching professional musicians within different areas of their professional life.

Artlab is supported by the Danish Cultural Institute.


3 workshops organized by Artlab (Copenhagen-Denmark):

1/ Career day – boosting your profession as an (indie) musician, 3 hours workshop with Karen Abrahamsen, Artlab Copenhagen

2/ Digital communication–maximize your online profile, interaction and output! 3 hours workshop with information with Torben Eik, Artlab Copenhagen.

3/ Boost your live-act: Make you music seen, heard and felt: 2-4 hours workshop/master class with Kristian Koch, Artlab Copenhagen